2021 Emirates Flight Training Academy/got invited


The Emirates Flight Training Academy

Wanna go Emirates Flight Training Academy?
I registered last December.
This March, I got an invitation from them.
I am a Japanese who looking to apply for a school.

Assessments are held at March and April.

This is an international For You.



  • Minimum age is 17
  • Fit medically
  • Grade 12 graduate or equivalent from any stream
  • TOEFL 510 or IELTS 5.5
  • UAE Student VISA

School Information


The Future of Flight Training

The cost of construction

500M AED/136M USD

It took 4 years from press released in 2013

Opened in 2017


  • Gym “the latest high-end equipment”
  • Pool “temperature controlled outdoor swimming pool”
  • 3 meals

Providing 3 meals would mean a lot to me.

Aviation Equipment

  • 5905feet/1800m Runway
  • The Cirrus SR22 G6 aircraft
  • The multi engine training with the Embraer P100EV Phenom twin jet aircraft


It is DOUBLE compared to others.



Cost details

  • Entrance examination/Assessment fee is 1st AED1500, 2nd AED4,200
  • 400USD+1200USD
  • 400USD should be paid FIRST.
  • Intuition is only one package. No breakdown
  • Any licenses and Medical check up history are not concerned for curriculum and cost
  • 94 weeks ”almost 2 years”
  • expected to obtain ATPL UAE
  • Flight Hour 280h ”80h Jet included” ←Huge Advantage compared to others
  • Sun-Thu 5days in a week
  • No degree No sponsored
  • Intuition should be paid in advance for each 9 divided course.
  • No employment guaranteed for emirates airline but interview is
  • They say “Why we are expensive” by FAQ. They are proud themselves. It is State of the art.

    This is invitation but the assessment travel fees is endured by the applicant

    Register and Enroll now for the 4days assessment

    Let’s get in touch by Twitter ! Trainee!

    The Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA)

    Official Site

    Official Brochure



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